Working with audiences

The department, which from 2010 is called Work with audiences, continues the established traditions in promotional activities of Stara Zagora Museum that was initially carried out only by curators and information clerks.

For the first time in 1963 there was appointed a full-time guide. In the 80’s there was established a Mass cultural activity department, which was renamed into Public Relations after the political changes in the 90’s. Throughout the years in that department there worked Lyudmila Dachevska, Mima Marinova, Bisserka Mineva, Vanya Tsenkova, Andoniya Doneva, Georgi Iliev, Stoyka Kayrakova, Elena Georgieva and others.

In 2012 a museum educationist was appointed.

The department informs about the museum events and news in its website and Facebook page. It liaises with media, libraries, community centers and other representatives of public life in the region.

It works on projects together with educational institutions, NGOs and organizations which support disabled people. The department also develops projects for attractions, games and lectures. It prepares and carries out discussions on various topics related to the promotion of the cultural heritage, showing popular scientific films, demonstrations of weapons, clothing, etc.
The main directions of the department’s activities are associated with guiding services of the museum and the museum sites, preparation and implementation of thematic routes and specialized art studios.


Tel. +359 42919214

Head of department:

Irina Atanasova

+359 884 477 141



Plamena Bakalova

+359 884 477 064



Rumyana Nikolova

+359 884 477 060



Kalina Karova

+359 884 477 138



Zhaneta Zheleva

+359 884 477 140


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